Lady Killer: Hi Hi Hi Kooz


Poon-Tang Clan

Poon-Tang Clan

 Nicole has mastered the tiger style, the mantis style, Shaolin shadowboxing, the water method, and the flying Twitter.





Dear Douglas Martin,

 My pixel tits are bigger.

Dump her already.


Zilla’s friends, take note:

I’m chubby and a white girl.

You know what that means.


Cute face, bad music:

Tyga, Shwayze, Asher Roth.

Would still fuck them all.


You don’t do what now?

Hater you participate!

I will replace you.


Bald is beautiful,

See also: Larry David

And Kanye’s girlfriend.


From the jump-off to

Threesomes in your mama’s house

More the merrier.


Oh fuck yeah, baby,

Right there, keep doing that, yes!

Hold on, other line.


He doesn’t like you.

I know because he told you

He doesn’t like you.


Is it bad that I

Forgot the name of a man

Whose dick was in me?


Dear single fathers,

I only like you because

There’s proof that you fuck


1 Comment

  1. i think this is the first time someone’s ever publicly displayed their desire for me. awww, nicole; you make me feel so special!

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