I Been In This Game For a Year, It Made Me an Animal

I Wish My Uncle Buck Was Here

I Wish My Uncle Buck Was Here

Well friends, it’s official…today Clap Cowards is 1 year old! 

Outside of a few controversial posts here and there, I haven’t recieved alot of comments from people who weren’t friends already.  So I want to thank all of my quiet readers who check in everyday along with the jokers I hang out with regularly and the long distance compadres I clown often on Facebook.  It’s been a blast to do this blog and I’ve been able to reach people across the world who might not have ever heard of me, Clean Guns, Beat Garden, or the Rap Pack otherwise.  A BIG thank you to my good friend Jeff Weiss who put me on the game via my Beat Generation columns at The Passion of the Weiss and who motivated me to get this here blog up and running.  And thank you to my good friend/Lady Killer Nicole, the first writer I ever hired to work for me and paid exclusively with beer tickets at rap shows.

Here’s a few of the most memorable posts (which generated me a lot of traffic from unknowing, righteous fans of Lil’ Wayne, Eva Mendes, and Vanilla Ice) sprinkled in with some of my persona favorite pieces.  Enjoy, y’all!

When the shit got real: Lil Wayne > Vicki From “Small Wonder”

Universal death threats: Putting Vanilla Ice in His Place Because Reality TV Hasn’t Been the Worst Fate 

NBA Live ’95 on Super Nintendo still wins: My All-Time Favorite NBA Marksmen

I stay sharper than viking hats: Verse of the Year Contender–Elzhi “Motown 25”

Can’t say it any clearer: Sell Me on Slick Rick

Nicole has been making her mark around here, but nothing were more on point than this: Things Dudes Should Stop Doing Part 2

My first ever phone interview.  Rockness Monstah answered the phone, ‘Max’s Pizza‘:  Let Me Learn You Something–Heltah Skeltah

I love watching bad movies that star beautiful women because I get to write stuff like this: At Least Eva Mendes Looked Hot: “The Spirit” Review

A questions about my loyalty to the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Philadelphia 76ers are answered in 2 parts: On Fandom Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

I only rep the real and the raw: Thoughts on J. Dilla


More goodies coming the rest of the week!

In the meantime, be sure to DL Bring Me the REMIX of Zilla Rocca to soundtrack your day!



  1. Happy birthday! © Frosty The Snowman

    Damn, that year sure went by fast! Every year past age 25 seems like 3 months to me. LMAO!


  2. Z, congrats on the 1 year mark…..I pray like hell I’ll be able to say the same about my own….good job, my friend.

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