The Miami Ghost Regardless

In case you haven’t heard or checked the Rock Da Spot section to your right, The Rap Pack will be invading the MIA later this week for a gang of shows.

I haven’t been in Miami in 4 years, but a few things stick out in my mind when I think of Rick Ross’ fiefdom:

  1. The superhuman ability of old people to drive below the speed limit on major highways. 
  2. The obscene levels of  moisture in the air that hits your pores immmediately upon stepping one foot out the door of the airport.
  3. Reggaeton defeating my psyche after 48 hours.

Beyond that, I’m hella excited to get the hell outta dodge for 5 days.  Here’s my traveling list thus far.  If you’ve been to Miami, let me know what items I should add to the dock to ensure a wholesome trip!

  • SPF whateverthehellwillpreventmyinevitableskincancer
  • Flip flops (1 of 2 instances where it is OK for men to show foot in public)
  • Books for the beach/pool area: The People Look Like Flowers at Last by Charles Bukowski, What Nietzsche Really Said by Robert Solomon, The Complete Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.
  • Sleeping music for plane ride home and/or sharing a room with a chronic snoorer: Boards of Canada, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind soundtrack, Sweetback, Edit, 14KT’s The Golden Hour, Koushik’s Out My Winow
  • Riding music: Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap, The Clipse’s Hell Hath No Fury, T.I.’s King, assorted Busta Rhymes, assorted Neptunes, assorted Outkast, assorted Trick Daddy
  • Studio equipment to capture the cool vibes via beats and rhymes
  • Ingredients for making mojitos every day
  • Jump rope, hand wraps, running shoes, and Everlast back and ab support pad.  Gotta stay training, even on vay cay.

What else do I need to bring?



  1. How about bringing some real Miami rap along with you? 2 Live Crew, Trick Daddy, hell even JT Money should get priority over Rick Ross!

  2. An ass of dollar bills, for Uncle Luke’s clubs down there…..and a giant assed hand, to slap your ass back to reality on the day it’s time for you to leave….also, check on renting a crappy, early 80’s convertible Coupe de Ville while you’re there….you will blend right in!!!

    PS Stop giving Rick Ross props, if folks keep acting like we like him, he’ll never go away!!!!

  3. PPS Why in hell are you reading while you’re in Miami? Suns, you will have ample time for scholarship when you get back, you are there strickly to rip the shows and to mentally store all the eye candy you will come across….save the books for the plane, man!!!

  4. Just be sure to bring some bread, a spanish dictionary and some stinky cologne if you go club Sunday’s…that place is the shit…fine ass women throughout that mothaf**** except yo dont know which girl is with what dude…but the chicks is bad…no good girls come close to that place….

    Anotha Time,


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