It’s the Links baby, It’s the Links!

Helluva weekend.  Thanks to everybody who came out to Last Saturday’s at Liquid Charm.  The impromtu Rap Pack performance was the first time we’ve ever rocked so hard that we destroyed the mixing board and shut down the sound at a venue!

Anyway, I’m still recouperating from $2 Yuengling’s and $3 Corona’s plus having my mind blown away by Star Trek, which I’ll be reviewing later this week.  Here’s some choice nuggets of internet hootnanny to hold you down.

Here’s an interview at Wake Your Daughter Up with Rhode Island producer Tecknowledy.  He laced Nico with three joints off Dinner is Served (“Promised Land”, “Bigger Than Your Life”, “World Win” featuring Kane) and he’s got some cookers with me lined up for later this year. 

My homie Y? Arcka is quietly becoming one of the best hip hop producers in Philly.  Good news for you trusted hip hop fan, bad news for the old guard.  Here’s an interview with Arcka of “Sunbathing Bitches Remix” fame over at Disquiet.  Be sure to check out his music on Rope-a-dope Digital!

Sach O compiles the best damn mixtape in the game.  Minus 10 points for leaving out Barry Jive and the Uptown Five and/or Sonic Death Monkey.

A man you have never read about: Harvey Haddix.  Why is he important?  Although he sounds like the alter ego for a criminal mastermind in Gotham, Haddix was a former major league pitcher who once threw a 12 inning perfect game…and lost!  Joe Posnanski, who could write about European table tennis and keep my full interest, has more on Haddix.

Everytime I hear “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground at a DJ night, I think to myself, “This is so is still completely fun and amazing.  And it would never come out in today’s musical climate, much less be a smash hit.”  Why is that?  Brandon breaks it down at No Trivia.


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