Prepare for the New Pen & Pixel


First things I thought about when looking at the cover for 50 Cent’s new “street LP” War Angel:

-Since I didn’t see Max Payne, did 50 play the devil who pulled Marky Mark out of a window in the trailer?  If so, that makes up for both “Good Vibrations” and the career of Tony Yayo.

-For some reason, most hip hop mixtapes have gone to the “Matrix filter” the past few years in terms of lighting and tones for mixtape covers.  See Here .  And Here.  And Here.  Click here for an MS Paint version.  For a guy making millions via clothes, music, quarter waters, and movies, I think Fif should’ve reached higher and got the Wachowski brothers if he wanted a touch of Morpheus for his artwork.  Then again…that one brother is pulling tricks are “Lana Wachowski” (born Larry Wachowski).  That’s not hip hop.  Moving along!   

-I don’t play video games much, but the War Angel cover art would fit perfectly as a sequel to the charming “Kid Icarus” NES game of the 80’s, more as a blaxploitation homage.  “Fif Icarus”, if I may.  And instead of shooting arrows at villains such as “Eggplant Wizard”, Fif Icarus would unload 40 cal shells at bootleggers, guys who dress like Kanye, and Spawn (that would be kind of cool actually).

-PRESS RELEASE: “The latest arrival to The CW’s fall roster, “War Angel” marks the first collaboration between David Greenwalt of “Angel” fame and Sam Hamm, co-creator of the cult FOX series “M.A.N.T.I.S.”.  “War Angel” stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in his cable TV acting debut as Dr. Herbert Forester IV, an esteemed proctologist whose family is mistakenly killed by the mob and ravaged by vampires in a horrible mix-up at Benihana’s.  Ironically, Dr. Forester is paralyzed from the buttocks down from a bullet wound, and then bitten by a half-breed vamp in the fatal shooting/vampirical orgy.  He dedicates his life to vengence and builds wings made from a complicated exoskeleton and feathers from his gay son’s boa to compliment his sorta-blood thirst.  Michael Chiklis co-stars as Merv, an out of work shoe salesmen who just might be able to help War Angel bring down the mob and the vampires if only he can stop doing heroine behind Sunoco.  “War Angel” is a powerful sci-fi drama bro-medy that will begin its flight on Saturday nights at 3am starting September 28th!.”  


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  1. This cover is actually a good start, it does however lack the 3-D effects that were so effective in Pen and Pixel covers. There is no dimension to it, both in a conceptual sense or in the way it was executed. Also the details, like lighting effects, blurring and saturation are a bit off!
    A good start! Keep going!

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