A Break in the Action Because Alchemist is Effing Crazy!

I think Im goin cray-zee!

I think I'm goin' cray-zee!

Had to chill from the Shadowboxers press kick in order to let you know that Alchemist completed the greatest interview of 2009.  It’s like Hunter Thompson + ODB + flippant Bob Dylan of the mid 60’s + Sun Ra + Bobcat Goldthwait.

An excerpt:

Q: You’re doing interviews all day.  How do you prepare for that?

A: I think of the dumbest shit that I can possibly say and then I practice.  I usually do that for two hours and then I do a running high five to the mirror a few times.  Practice my game face and do a couple of sit-ups and handstands and cartwheels, just the regular calisthenics that I can do inside my apartment and really, really psyche myself out for the crazy, next level questions that are going to be thrown at me, kind of like a little sparring thing you do with yourself, get ready for the jab and the uppercut of questions.

BRAVO, Al!!!!

Read it at HipHopGame.com

And here’s my pick thus far for video of the year: Alchemist & Oh No “Under Siege” from their upcoming Gangrene project


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