Mega Shadowboxers Feature

One of the unseen bonuses of making an album like The Slow Twilight is that not only will casual rap fans clown you in the comment section of 2 Dope Boyz (at least their listening), but literary fools will want to dissect the freaky nuances and moments of unadulterated geekery on the album with you.

Brandon Soderberg at No Trivia is one of those literay fools, and I say “fool” as a term of endearment a la Ice Cube circa 1992.  I’m very flattered to have this album receive such glowing praise, and, well, a whole helluva lotta words describing it. 

A choice excerpt from the analysis of “No Resolution”:

Sampling the hyper-recognizable or the unexpected is a welcome trend returning to hip-hop as of late and Shadowboxers’ Blurry Drones (Douglas Martin) is particularly artful at finding something simultaneously new and traditional in the debauched whine of the Velvet Underground’s “Venus In Furs”. Neither intimidated by such a legendary song nor interested in destroying it beyond recognition, Martin keeps enough of the Velvets’ musical DNA in there to make it a sort of jazz-like riff on the original (like say, Charlie Parker doing “White Christmas”) and something wholly different. And Zilla extends the inscrutable paranoia of the original (named after a Austrian S & M novel) to the very current, the very modern day–the universal.

Read on, read on at No Trivia


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