50 Cent + Killer Klowns From Outer Space = Winning

50 Cent has never made a great video.  Coming out in 2003 with the buzz he had from mixtapes, the underdog card he used again then-NYC giant Ja Rule, and the intoxicating story of catching 9 shots and surviving didn’t need much more than a couple takes of him jogging in an Aftermath lab to take him to the next level.  

Today, 50 Cent made a GREAT video.  It’s 2009.  His album Before I Self Destruct has been pushed back further than Phil Jackson’s hairline.  Outside of a 2 month roast of Officer Ricky and the release of his new street LP War Angel, Fiddy hasn’t had much of a leg to stand on in a world where hip hop sangas like Drake are becoming the new wave.

Hence, the above video for “Okay, You’re Right”

My first impression: Curtis looks like the freaky clowns from the classic 90s horror flick “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”

Historically, 50 has worked best when his back was against the wall.  Because he’s more of a business man than an artist, he needed his pockets to take a beating before he stepped up his artsy fartsy side.  This video would not have been made if G-Unit was still rolling in sales and popularity a la 2004.  And that’s excellent because 50 had to devise a new way to get our attention.

Apparently this video is a take-off on an underutilized award winning commercial “Carousel” which is pretty unnerving and excellent in its our accord.  If Kanye was gangsta, this is a move he would’ve made with Michel Gondry.  Here’s the original commercial:

For the first time since I graduate college, I’m excited for 50 Cent material.  I can even enjoy the irony of a cameo from Tim Thomas in the video, since he, like 50 in his updated “Point Break” bank robbery moment, is a thief who has pillaged several NBA teams often with vicious and despicable methods of criminology (if only Timmy would’ve worn a clown mask, the fans of the Knicks and Clippers could get past the apathetic, multi-million dollar sucking he’s given them).  Even the” frozen in a glow stream of chalk lines with Matrix-like camera shots” are well placed considering Large Professor did an entire dope-ass video with that effect last year:

The actual song is “Ok You’re Right” is totally secondary, and no 50 video would be complete without death threats, boasting about his millions, and honies in a club holding champagne (though those bottles look like VO5 more than anything else).  And if 50 sell a million copies of his new album, he’ll have no incentive to be artistic and striking and out of the box ever again.  At least we can enjoy this moment, where hip hop’s richest goon is dressed in a clown mask rapping in a chimney.


1 Comment

  1. Poor 50.
    He didnt even have the biggest video of the night.
    But War Angel is SERIOUSLY banging from top to bottom IMO.
    Like I LOVE grimey 50, and that LP has it in spades.
    Theres literally like 1 shitty song on the whole thing.
    Even the “girl” tracks are kind of dope, in this really goofy way.

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