You’re Now Rocking with the Def!

My first entry for iStandard is a piece on the Mighty Mos Def, something I was all too eager to write last month when The Ecstatic dropped.  In case you didn’t see my post on Mos for his Verse of the Year Nominee for “Auditorium” (which I would in retrospect swap out for “Revelations”), the Boogie Man has returned to form in 2009 with a solid-and-almost-spectacular LP that hasn’t left the Rocca Mobile upon its purchase.

Here’s my track-by-track review of the beats for Mos Def’s new excellent LP The Ecstatic at



  1. Sheeeiiiit…as long as you make dope songs out of old instrumental tracks, you’re A-OK with me! See: Doom, MF “Gazillion Ear”

    • Thanks bro! I’m working on the new Cage album and Dillanthology 2 next

  2. you should let me do the cage album Zill.

    I have had the disc for over a month now, swallowed the ep whole and jus ripped the instrumentals for both…I more than a Cage fanatic, and i was turned, i used to hate Cage and his “wigger” antics (self-described by cage hisself), his use of the n-word like it went out of style and his misoginy as if girls would really ph*ck his proverbial fat ass in the 90’s.

    But all that turned with his last three or four releases and his allegiance to the “Jukies”- turned me 180 and i have defended him ad naseum on many a blog….Enough babbling, i jus thought i would share what makes me an authority on Mr. Kennylz. Juss my two million

    But alas if you are doing it the istandard way than by all means as i just started breaking down the beats, but from an eMCee perspective not that of a producer since i happen to not be one. 1ne.

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