Keep On T-Painin’ It

Death Of the Doctor Seuss Hat

Death Of the Doctor Seuss Hat

I’m late to the Jay-Z D.O.A. party, but here’s my point in my first column for Auto-Tune as a device for hip hop hooks is no different than Premier’s scratched vocals, or DJ Screw’s chopped and screwed dubs.  Sure, using the same vocal effect as Cher doesn’t seem very hip hopish, but really who can resist the chance to unleash their inner Celine Dion in today’s rap&b.

Realize It’s All Real: Auto-Tune is Not the Black Angel of Death



  1. It’s like anything else, Z…..people show a bunch of hate towards it, then they can’t wait to use it the first chance they get… reminds me of the whole designer label name dropping thing that cats were hooked on for a minute….Biggie was, to me, the first cat to do it justice, then everybody and their moms jumped on the wagon, with or without the skill set to pull it off….by this time next summer, we’ll be talking about something else.

  2. Yes, D, that seems to be the neverending trend. However, in the mid/late 90s, no one put out a song called “Death of Designer Labels”. Should they have?

  3. Ha, ha…..that’s just Jay being Jay…..nobody asked him to do it, and if it was a crappy track, then it wouldn’t be an issue, but since Jay blessed it, it’s a phenom…..I don’t even take the title all that seriously, especially since he really didn’t address it during the song, I think he wanted the shock value of having “death” in the song’s title….he saw how it brought attention to Nas and he twisted it his own way.

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