Lady Killer: Nasty, Ain’t It?

Nicole is our resident Lady Killer.  You will never catch her haiku-ing in Auto-tune.

Summertime is just
Another way of saying
Your nuts smell like musk.

Just because it’s hot
Doesn’t mean that you are, girl.
Put some damn clothes on.

If for nothing else,
Drake fulfills my fantasy
Of fucking cripples.

Cricket and Metro?
Is this what’s hot in the streets?
Our minutes are up.

What I love most is
Kissing dudes with Freeway beards
Praise be to Allah.

A Magnum condom
Is wishful thinking for men
Cursed with baby dick.

Zilla got a girl.
Like a girlfriend. Whom he fucks.
My thoughts exactly.

Can’t stand germs, people.
But jizz on the face? Fair game.
Oh, the irony.

Differs drastically between
Oral and anal.

Astroglide pussy,
A slip-and-slide for big dicks.
Squelch, squelch, queef queef, squelch.

You deal drugs, don’t you?
That sure does sound exciting!
Oh, not to me, though.

This is just a fact:
Men favor right titties and
Lifting the left leg.

Tiny and Toya:
Proof that money will never
Buy class or um, class.


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