Slept for Days, Swept Away

Here’s 2 clippings for the Shadowboxers as I clean the digital house:

The ever-enjoyable blog So Much Silence gives The Slow Twilight some love.

Imagineyenation is still bumping “No Fury (Zilla Rocca Remix)”

And in Shadowboxer news, I’ll be performing my first Philly show this Friday at The Trocadero Balcony.  More details for that once I get them, but I’m guessing it’s 9pm-2am $10 21+.

The real enchilada of this week is a project I’ve tossed some words to, along with some of the best writers and critics on the webs, and that would be Passion of the Weiss’  50 Best Hip Hop Album of ’00s.  I was honored to be asked to contribute my personal list of albums as well as write-ups for albums I either loved like sweet potato fries or only had a passing interest in when the album initially dropped however many years ago.  It was good exercise–only writing about things you know every nook and cranny to is easy living, so trying to think of new angels on LPs that didn’t live up to my elitist ear in 2002 was exhausting at first but ultimately more rewarding than listening to The Pretty Toney Album for 834th time (“fuck around be a sta-tistic”) and heaping praise on Microsoft Word officially for the first time.  At the end of the week, once all the albums have been listed, I’ll post my initial list from May when we started this debacle. 

Passion of the Weiss’ Top 50 Rap Albums of the 00’s #50-#41


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