Whatchu Gon’ Do Today? Just Say, Hey I Wanna Get Paid

Here’s a brief account as to why Slum Village’s Fantastic Vol. 2 is just DAT SHIT!  Last week we were at the Lizard Lounge banging out a proper jointage when this album came up in conversation after talking about the late Baatin (RIP).  Three guys all went BONKERS when Vol. 2 was just merely just whispered. 

Here’s the background on these three men: 1 MC/producer from Philly who is akin to Nas and Lupe Fiasco, 1 MC from Camden who is akin to Busta Rhymes and Method Man, and yours truly, a South Philly MC/producer who looks like Ben Affleck in “Chasing Amy”.  Our collective backgrounds on the surface have little to no connection.  Our styles are wholly separate but individually dope.  We are all different ages.  And we have spent our lives raised on the east coast boom bap.  With all that said, Fantastic MOTHERFUCKING Vol. 2 had us smiling and laughing and yelling and reenacting the ritual of driving around banging “I Don’t Know Why” with a shorty that you truly didn’t know why the fuck you were fucking with her.

Read up on Slum Village’s Fantastic Vol. 2 and Reflection Eternal’s Train of Thought at Passion of the Weiss’ Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of the 00’s #20-11


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