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Baron Davis is a HUGE Deltron fan.

Baron Davis is a HUGE Deltron fan.

Forgot to put this in the last post.  Here’s my original top 50 list of best hip hop albums of this decade in order:

1. Supreme Clientele–Ghostface
2. Blueprint—Jay-Z
3. College Dropout—Kanye West
4. Fantastic Vol. 2–Slum Village
5. The Black Album—Jay-Z
6. Madvillainy–Madvillain
7.  Graduation—Kanye West
8.  Fantastic Damage–El-P
9. Get Rich or Die Trying–50 Cent
10. Train of Thought–Reflection Eternal
11  Labor Days–Aesop Rock
12.  Warriorz–M.O.P.
13.  The Cold Vein—Cannibal Ox
14.  Shadows on the Sun–Brother Ali
15.  The Documentary—The Game
16.  I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead—El-P
17.  Donuts—J Dilla
18.  Game Theory—The Roots
19.  The Pretty Toney Album—Ghostface
20.  Stankonia–Outkast
21.  The Fix–Scarface
22.  King—T.I.
23.  Deadringer—RJD2
24.  Hell Hath No Fury—The Clipse
25.  The Big Picture—Big L
26.  Stillmatic—Nas
27.  Like Water for Chocolate–Common
28.  The B. Coming—Beanie Sigel
29.  Murs 3:16—Murs & 9th Wonder
30.  Beauty and the Beat—Edan
31.  3030–Deltron
32.  Fishscale–Ghostface
33.  Be–Common
34.  The Grind Date—De La Soul
35.  The Mixtape About Nothing–Wale
36.  Late Registration–Kanye West
37.  Violent By Design—Jedi Mind Tricks
38.  The Gas—The P Brothers
39.  Hell’s Winter–Cage
40.  The Renaissance–Q-Tip
41.  Death of Adam—88 Keys
42.  None Shall Pass—Aesop Rock
43.  Below the Heavens—Blu & Exile
44.  Slum Village–Slum Village
45.  Europass–Elzhi
46.  Popular Demand—Black Milk
47.  Return of the Mac—Prodigy
48.  The Weatherman–Evidence
49.  Monkey Barz–Sean Price
50.  UGK 4 Life—UGK


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  1. I must say I dont agree with some of the albums up here and listing – to mention a few, which may have maybe slipped you mind when compiling the list – but here goes :
    Nas – Stillmatic is top 5
    Joe Budden – Mood Muzik 2 and 3 are up there too
    Talib Kweli – The beautiful struggle
    Eminem – Marshall Mathers LP
    Tupac – Better Days
    Nas – Lost Tapes
    Talib Kweli – Quality
    Twista – Kamikaze
    just off the top of my head….i know some of em seem commercial (like Twista) but its no different from 50’s get rich, in my opinion.
    Good look on the Elzhi – Europass (love that album)..
    might also wanna look at J.Cole – Warm, Nas – Nigger (classic), Somobe, Kenn Starr, Poe Picasso…..
    good list though – every album worth it – but just i think some may not make top 50 – in my opinion – not because they bad, but because there are some better.

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