Where My Dogs At?

In the past 5 years now, the Eagles will have employed Terrell Owens, Donte Stallworth, and Michael Vick.

One guy kills his team.  One guy kills people with his car.  One guy kills dogs.  (If you want to be finnicky, head coach Andy Reid’s sons are recent stains on society with multiple drug arrests and car accidents stemming from heroine hazes, but let’s just keep this to on-field personnel.)

I have no problem with sports teams carrying gifted sociopaths–the NFL is littered with scumbags who do abhorrent things each year, from steroids to domestic abuse.  The name of the game is winning, so the personal makeup of a player normally means zilch if your team wins something.  Hell, Patroits cheated to win titles, and their fans aren’t clamoring to give back those 4 Lombardi trophies. 

The Eagles have not yet won a Super Bowl but they have employed arguably three of the biggest PR nightmares  in recent league history

Eagles fans: does any of this bother you?



  1. Yes it does but at the same time I am not the owner of the team. Second I am not God. What Vick did was wrong. He served his time. Forgiveness is the key. My only question did Vick repent for his sins? If he really did thats cool. Now it is time to make amends for his wrong. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  2. What would bother me would be if they weren’t trying to win…..and that’s all the Vick move is, a step towards trying to get some wins, period. I’m more bothered by the knee jerk reaction of all the South Philly-ites, conveniently forgetting how Stallworth skated with a 30 day jail sentence. What he did was horrible, but he served the time and met Goodell’s conditions, it’s time to give him some space and see what he’s got, on and off the field.

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