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“I love that this show can make me say “Don Draper is such a fucking good guy” right after watching him cheat on his pregnant wife”–commenter on The AV Club

I’m a HUGE fan of Mad Men so I was peeing my pants with excitement last night when Season 3 premiered on AMC.  I’m not going to do full re-caps of each episode–The TV Club over at The AV Club does it perfectly with all of my favorite shows.  I will dispense some things that jumped out in my mind of each episode though. 

  • When your mother is a man-hating whore who abandons you, it’s pretty difficult to unconditionally love and honor your wife.  That seems to be a part of Don Draper/Dick Whitman’s struggles with fidelity.
  • After they fired the Account Manager, I noticed that when he stormed out onto the floor and knocked over stationery, he was still in his socks.  Always take your shoes off before enterting Bert Cooper’s office–even when you’re getting shitcanned.
  • I loved how this episode’s big client was London Fog.  As a kid, I remember feeling grateful to own a London Fog winter jacket .  It made me feel worldly and sophisticated at 7 years old.  Turns out the “fog” was just the dust and grime in the air blowing over from the factories and debris from the war.  Dammit.
  • Loved how Joanie still asserts the little remaining power she has left to that limey office assistant to the big British cheese.  While the girls swoon over him, she sticks him in a glorified broom closet disguised as an office, which he later gets slammed for.  Smart move, Red.
  • Even when he’s getting a promotion, Pete makes every single moment of his interactions as excrutiatingly uncomfortable as possible.  Conversely, Ken getting the same job felt smooth and fun, like he was about to hit the beach and drink some Corona’s. 
  • “Have a cigar, but don’t touch the Stoli”–even when Roger Sterling isn’t given much to do, he’s still cutting people down to size and loving himself for doing it.
  • Sal looked like he was about to throw up a dining room set when Don appeared to be ousting him on the plane.  Turns out he gave him an idea for an ad, and cautionary piece of advice.  Even when he’s catching gay men in their secret lives, Don Draper can still sell a raincoat AND dish out wisdom.
  • Peter Campbell: The Buck Stops Here

If I left out any of your favorite moments, share them below.  I might make this a weekly feature.  If not, I’ll still keep up my post-Mad Men Monday morning routine of Bourbon and cigarettes at 9am.


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  1. still not sure where season 3 is going..
    but I’m waiting

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