Bunny Colvin Ain’t The Only One Cooking The Books

Apparently, NBA scorekeepers for ravaged franchises in Canada were going Hamsterdam way before Baltimore po-lice were getting the squeeze.

What’s most interesting about this piece is the idea that fudging a players NBA stats, specifically steals, rebounds, and assists, is that  in order of importance, padding your hometown players boxscore was second to helping the opponent embarass you in order to get the lead on Sportscenter.

I’ve been watching Sportscenter almost every day of my life since I was 12 years old.  Watching hapless teams like the Pirates, Clippers, Nationals, Hartford Whalers, Texans, etc. have records or stellar performances go down on their turf didn’t have me fleeing to my mailbox in hopes of a Star Struck or East Bay catalogue to buy a fitted hat or pair of Detroit Lions mesh practice shorts.  The higher ups for the Vancouver Grizzlies in the late 90’s thought otherwise.


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