The Most Ignorant Thing I’ve Ever Seen

There are no words to justify this...

There are no words to justify this...

Let’s see:

-Packages of cocaine: CHECK

 -Angry youth offender blasting a hand cannon at no one in particular: CHECK

-Angry black man in plaid and sideways baseball cap blasting a shotgun into the night: CHECK

-Angrier black man with 2 pistols murdering a chest naked cop: CHECK

-Stacks of money splattered everywhere: CHECK

-Hostage tied up, probably dead: CHECK

-Another hostage getting cracked by a probable Italian enforcer: CHECK

-Songs titles include “Gangsta Shit”, “Cut Throat Shit”, and “Bitch N*ggaz”: CHECK

Thank you Tony Yayo and DJ Drama.  Shit like this is why anytime I tell someone I’m a rapper, they either roll their eyes, mockingly ask me to “spit something”, or reveal some stereotypical “gangsta talk, G!” to subtly clown me.  Great stuff, dicks!



  1. The cover art is one of the worst things ive ever seen. Yayo is nothing more then a glofified hypeman, he shines or a few occasions but not nearly enough.

  2. I object far more to the claim that Tony Yayo has “shined on a few occasions” than to this wack mixtape cover.

  3. This cover tops even Camron’s level of ignorance. The only thing missing is a blinding display of pink/purple furs and diamonds to create that cute level of irony, which declares “I’m such a badass that I’m secure in girly colors. Say sumthin’, bitch!”

    At least Yayo and Drama keep things politically correct by putting a black dude on the receiving end of their awesome punishment, and conversely, a white dude on their side bringing the pain.

  4. the dude in plaid is black?!?!
    why is there a top-down image of a table on there? the shit on there should be falling off!
    why the fuck is the cop not wearing a shirt?!? so we could see the wounds?

    fucking stupid shit.
    but also funny as hell

  5. cosign this post, especially the end. I loathe to tell people that I rap. Sometimes I say I emcee in hopes that they’ll catch that subtle difference in language and realize that me and the fuckface above have few things in common

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