The Most Ignorant Thing I’ve Ever Seen

There are no words to justify this...

There are no words to justify this...

Let’s see:

-Packages of cocaine: CHECK

 -Angry youth offender blasting a hand cannon at no one in particular: CHECK

-Angry black man in plaid and sideways baseball cap blasting a shotgun into the night: CHECK

-Angrier black man with 2 pistols murdering a chest naked cop: CHECK

-Stacks of money splattered everywhere: CHECK

-Hostage tied up, probably dead: CHECK

-Another hostage getting cracked by a probable Italian enforcer: CHECK

-Songs titles include “Gangsta Shit”, “Cut Throat Shit”, and “Bitch N*ggaz”: CHECK

Thank you Tony Yayo and DJ Drama.  Shit like this is why anytime I tell someone I’m a rapper, they either roll their eyes, mockingly ask me to “spit something”, or reveal some stereotypical “gangsta talk, G!” to subtly clown me.  Great stuff, dicks!


6 thoughts on “The Most Ignorant Thing I’ve Ever Seen

  1. The cover art is one of the worst things ive ever seen. Yayo is nothing more then a glofified hypeman, he shines or a few occasions but not nearly enough.

  2. This cover tops even Camron’s level of ignorance. The only thing missing is a blinding display of pink/purple furs and diamonds to create that cute level of irony, which declares “I’m such a badass that I’m secure in girly colors. Say sumthin’, bitch!”

    At least Yayo and Drama keep things politically correct by putting a black dude on the receiving end of their awesome punishment, and conversely, a white dude on their side bringing the pain.

  3. the dude in plaid is black?!?!
    why is there a top-down image of a table on there? the shit on there should be falling off!
    why the fuck is the cop not wearing a shirt?!? so we could see the wounds?

    fucking stupid shit.
    but also funny as hell

  4. cosign this post, especially the end. I loathe to tell people that I rap. Sometimes I say I emcee in hopes that they’ll catch that subtle difference in language and realize that me and the fuckface above have few things in common

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