Girl, Let Me Be Your Manager

Friday tunes for y’all, just cause….

Mayer Hawthorne-“Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out Remix”: GODDAMN!

Twista f/ Kanye West- “Overnight Celebrity”: No disrespect to Yay or Jay, but this beat >>>> anything on BP3.  And I really like BP3.  Rothko-fella, y’all!

Camp Lo- “Black Nostaljack”: Yes yes you, to the beat and, score like 10 on my IQ test.

The Roots f/ Roy Ayers- “Proceed 2”: Visually simple and stunning video for one of my top 10 Roots songs of all time.  “Proceed V” by the Beatminerz givesthis jawn comp though in terms of production

The Outsidaz- “The Rah Rah”: “HUH HUH HAAAA!!!!”  In the current rap landscape of festivals and constant touring, I’d pay just about anything to see this performed live with 200 other people in attendance.  Go for mine like Malik Sealy, REALLY?



  1. The Rah Rah is one of those joints that you just have to play at full volume (“…preferably in a residential area”). Whenever it comes on, I always feel the need to shout out that Malik Sealy line. Not sure why, as I was never a huge fan of his, St. Johns or the Timberwolves.

  2. I used to LOVE Malik Sealy, especially on the Pacers when I was playing NBA Jam. Plus, he did the song “Lost in the Sauce” on the B-Balls Best Kept Secret and didn’t truly embarrass himself lol. RIP MALIK!

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