First Thoughts on Cuban Linx 2

What I did on my lunch break in the Rocc Mobile

What I did on my lunch break in the Rocc Mobile

Got up to track 11 with Styles P and Jada in my car during my lunch break before I had to get to work. Hadn’t listened to the album at all until today. Random thoughts:

1. Why the FUCK haven’t any Wu cats got at Scram Jones for beats before? His album “Loose Cannons” or something from like ’05 musically would fit Rae, Ghost, Meth, Deck, GZA, etc. Hopefully, Rae keeps him on retainer.

2. The Alchemist track sounds like it was going on “Chemical Warfare” but Rae snatched it for Cuban Linx. Good move. Al’s chop game this year is unrivaled.

3. Over the past 4-5 years, I remember reading 1 Ghostface interview every year where he talked about wanting to stop rapping about crack and violence, even stop cursing for good, cause he felt like he wasn’t being a proper vessel for God through his words and his talents. Judging from his apperances thus far on Cuban Linx 2…Ghost is riding the highway to hell.

4. Again, I’m only halfway through the album, but what exactly is the concept of this one compared to Linx 1? Rae’s going back in for one last score? His character never got out of the game and is OG status? It’s got all the familiar sounds (kung-fu samples, Poppa Wu, RZA, Ghost) and the familiar visuals (album cover, titles on the back with the AKA’s), but I’m kinda lost thus far.

5. “Sonny’s Missing” is Rae’s “Shakey Dog”


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