Dangerous Dames: Jennifer Tilly

Essential viewing for Jennifer Tilly:

1.  Bound — The Illmatic of lesbian hiest flicks.  Still the best directing by The Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix triology)

2.  Bride of Chucky — The Ready to Die of horror flick cleavage.

3.  The Getaway —  It’s 1994.  Kim Basinger is still hot.  She’s starring in a movie with her then-husband Alec Baldwin, who was an uber-star.  Michael Madsen, newly christened cult figured badass via Reservoir Dogs, is the main antagonist.  And the sexiest, sultriest, most eye-catching performance was from Jennifer Tilly as Fran Carvey, meek spouse of a nerdy vetrenarian.



  1. bound was crazy. i used to crush on jennifer tilly so bad. she used to be my fav guest on arsenio hall, too

  2. I remember when she used to light it up on MTV’s Loveline and how straight female viewers expressed having bondage fantasies about her. She needs to star in either a Tarantino movie or a soft core Showtime p0rn ASAP!

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