From the Makers of the Snuggie Comes Lil’ Weezyer!

*Snuggie salesman voice*

Are you tired of your pop punk being produced by Ric Ocasek?

Sick of your Weezy mixtapes NOT featuring the guys who wrote “Beverly Hills”?

Then you’ll LOVE Lil’ Weezyer and their breakthrough smash “Can’t Stop Partyin”!!!

Not ONLY are you getting a guest appearance from Weezy on a Weezer song (thus making them Lil’ Weeyzer)…but you’re ALSO getting production from Jermaine Dupri AND Polow Da Don FREE!

Yes!  FREE!

Who wants their Weezer records produced by Rick Rubin when, for Free99, you can get an extra helping of Mr. Janet Jackson and the guy who makes freaks hang pictures of his dick on they walls?

Who wants a Lil’ Wayne song bogged down by his assey guitar noodling when, for a simple Zshare download, you’ll have access to the imperial 6 string chops of Brian Bell and Rivers Cuomo?!?

Get all of your Pitchfork approved ironic rap/rock combinations in one package!

Lil’ Weezyer’s “Can’t Stop Partyin”!

15 million Americans have already agreed: Lil’ Weeyzer is where it’s at, homies!



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