Joe Budden, Mos Def, Black Thought, and Slim Shady Recharge My Batteries

When Mos Def comes off the “weakest” in a cypher, hip hop is still winning.

Skip to Joe Budden’s verse.  Everyone else is either ehhh or outright assey.

I really really needed this.

I’ve been dormant round here recently.  Beat Garden has been handling alot of behind the scenes business.  With all of that going on, plus the return of primetime Fall television (NBC Thursdays, HBO/Showtime Sundays, ESPN’s 30 for 30, and IFC’s Monty Python documentary series), the last thing I feel like doing is reviewing movies or making fun of Lil’ Wayne.

Well…I’ll always have time to make fun of Lil’ Wayne.

To update you all on the things I’ve been consuming and NOT writing about, here it is:

Mad Men:  Still the best show on television.  HBO would’ve been the Steelers of the 70’s if they would’ve picked up this show after Soprano’s ended.  Instead, we have In Treatment.  At least Bored to Death is picking up steam.

Curb Your Enthusiasm:  The old saying goes that if you’ve already humiliated and alienated almost every subsection of human being, there’s always the handicapped!  And the cast of Seinfeld!

Flying Lotus/ The Joker/ MONO/Poly/ Hudson Mohawke:  Making me savor the idea of Dilla living on through a bass heavy, fluttering synth concoction smacked up with cold hand claps.

-Ghostface’s Ghostdini:  Ghostdini is the perfect album for hip hoppers in their late 20’s and beyond.  Rae’s Cuban Linx 2 is cool for the Wu diehard in all of us, but Ghostdini brings a new element to rap: romance and heartbreak from a street poet.  It’s not convluted or market tested (save for some of the R&B names on the project).  It’s Ghost evolving; you can’t expect 36 year olds to rap about coke and guns forever.  Anyone over 24 by now has been dumped horribly or caught cheating.  Well so has Wu’s sharpest blade. 

-Reading Deadspin: Between that and Twitter, I’m hitting the refresh button more than ever.

-Buying vinyl:  It’s rather un-hip hop of me to never own a turntable until this year. 

-Finishing the new Shadowboxers Broken Clocks EP:  I’m very thrilled and humbled by the ongoing love for The Slow Twilight.  It’s kinda cool to see the snowball effect going on almost 5 months after the album dropped for free.  We just wrapped up shooting for the long overdue video for “High Noon” — it’s pretty filthy, visually and conceptually.  The EP is a collection of remixes, bonus promotional cuts, and a few new jawns and collaborations with some of my favorite MC’s.  Look for that to drop sometime in December!

-Veggie chicken fingers:  COP THESE!  The breading, the chicken tender-like shape, and the chickeny colored “meat” (synthetic veggie protein) make more feel like I’m in North Philly eating chicken in a box minus the french fries.

-David Cross’ book I Drink For a Reason:  Someone had to call out Mary J. Blige for blingin’ in the name of the Lord.

-Drew Magary’s book Men With Balls:  Someone had to break down the advantage of listening to sports talk radio in the car — “When I’m in the car by myself and driving around in silence, I think about weird things.  Like death.  Not cool.  That’s where sports talk radio comes in”. 

-Witnessing the quiet takeover of alt-comedians in mainstream culture:  Demetri Martin.  Zach Galifinakis.  Patton Oswalt.  Michael Ian Black.  Michael Showalter.  David Wain.  Brian Posehn.  ‘Tis is a great time to be a fan of laughter and comic books/D&D/weird charts/fiercely grown beards.

-Living in South Philly again: it’s not often I get to see two drunken pieces of white trash argue in front of a $275K house about Jimmy going to prison, and if you were to call him and get him out, I’D STILL BEAT THE FUCKING SHIT OUTTA HIM!  On a Saturday afternoon, no less.  In front of kids on razor scooters.

-Going to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx: Son, you cop those ill cream butter crunch joints for up to 30% off the retailers price!  That’s my word. 

More posts coming next week, including an expose on America’s latest dilemma: do fat hipsters get laid?


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