Dame Dash is Saving Hip Hop

Who saw this coming?

First, the awesome looking (and sounding) Blakroc project with the Black Keys dropping later this month.

Now, it’s the Center Edge Territory with Jay Electronica, Mos Def, and Currensy.

Dame Dash is in a unique position: pretty good with the coin and no compromising investment/partnership with the music industry.  He’s almost what George Clooney has become: a near elder statesman content with past pop glory and bored with the current shape things, so what the hell?  They got money to burn and weird people to give it to.

What separates Dame from Jay is that Jay is still in the business of (among other things) selling records as Jay-Z The Brand.  Dame is no longer in the spotlight.  He’s dabbed in film and retro kicks.  He relinquished the Roc-a-fella name years ago.  This freedom from asinine meetings with record execs and appeasing homogenized radio playlists and fading retailers and fickle fans is almost too much to handle for a guy used to hustlin’ and conquerin’ and letting everyone know that while he’s at it.

What do you do when you conquered the game and got out before it all crumbled? 

And you happen to be a brash tastemaker from Harlem?

To quote Wu-Tang Financial, you diversify your portfolio, n****! 

Groups I’d like to see Dame Dash pony up the cash for just for shits and giggles:

1. The Firm with Nas, AZ, Foxy, Nature and Cormega. The ultimate “fuck you” to Jay.
2. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube for the never released “Helter Skelter” album. The west coast needs more old man rap. Dame needs to pop tags at the Staples Center and/or buy the Clippers. Yay-eee-yay!
3. The Incredible Force: Common, Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Jeru the Damaja. once rumored to be happening via HipHopSite.com during the Lyricist Lounge era. Dame could use some Okayplayer merch money to offset State Property losses
4. Scarface and Beans are “Brad n’ Mack”. This was supposed to happen during the Roc heydays. Now it’s the premise for an all-black buddy sitcom on TV One. Dame fux with basic cable.
5. Ghostface and MF Doom. Just for the video footage of Dame in the studio bustin’ on Doom’s mask and faded ass Ewing jersey.
6. CRS (Lupe, Kanye, Pharrell). Like Vice/Pitchfork/Macy’s wouldn’t want in?



  1. Heheh.

    Yeah that Blackroc project does look kinda exciting. Seems real loose and vibey.

    The Incredible Force thing came from Pharoahe Monch, Common, Black Thought & Absolute of House of Repz (not Jeru) being up @ the Stretch & Bobbito Show and announcing that those four of them were forming the group. They rhymed for about ten minutes first, there’s an mp3 of it floating around. In fact here it is: http://www.unkut.com/2009/06/black-thought-common-pharoahe-monch-absolute-live-at-the-stretch-armstrong-show-1997/

  2. DQ:

    Thanks for reading!

    Yeah that Stretch and Bobbitto freestyle got hella burn in my walkman when Lyricist Lounge 1 came out. I was saying how on HipHopSite.com, when those guys confirmed the rumored super group, it would include Jeru the Damaja–can’t remember if it was replacing Absolute or alongside him. But thanks for the link.

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