Verse of the Year Contender: Elzhi “Da Night”

Technically, this would qualify as a contender in 2009 since the recently released and hella brillaint Slum Village EP Villa Manifesto dropped in December–it was easily the best $6 I spent outside of 1 can of Strongbow. 

The thing I like most about Elzhi on this track is that he outlines a gaggle of familiar buzzwords we (longtime hip hop geeks) are trained to respond to: bitches, guns, money, crack, jail, etc.  His delivery though isn’t nihilistic like old Mobb Deep or celebratory like Jeezy, Gucci Mane, or Jim Jones.  It’s almost like a reporter being planted in the middle of a Detroit slum for 24 hours and asked to just jot down what he sees.  In this case, the reporter is more GZA than Anderson Cooper. 

Don’t laugh at it, cause every household can have addicts
I observed, the curb is where I learned my mathematics
So what’s the science? Slanging rock to gain clients
What you know about heating your house with the appliances?
Really raw, just caught a weed charge, a silly law
Feel me? Naw–the fuck, you probably never stuck to
The good, the bad, the ugly ass shit
Money’s the root of evil, you can see it in the cash print
Landlord’s trippin cause you was late on your last rent
Bitches hiding crack in they ass slit 
Get blasted when cats scheme, busting out to clap heat on cramped streets
Some ain’t wrote a rhyme in they life, but got a rap sheet
All they know is bars and measures up in a jail cell
Dream about cars and leathers, cigars and pleasures
I failed twelfth grade, had to make it up in summer school
In fact, I couldn’t have been a dumber fool
Now shorties drinking EJ, your chick ain’t had her period in three days
Crackheads offer BJ’s below the freeways
Then it’s the winters spitting venoms on others wearing
Hundred dollar denims, wishing they was in them
Ducking the law, be unseen
Can’t be spraying your glock or still staying on the block like sunscreen
Whether the morning or noon count, balloon drought
It’s easier to take the goon route while the moon’s out


Just know that if Elzhi came out in ’98, his face would be on the $20 dollar bill by now.


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