Crazy Air Freshener, Who Needs Cologne?

A few weeks back, I stumbled across this contest at Kevin Nottingham where each week they asked producers to remix a joint off LL Cool J’s comeback album Mama Said Knock You Out Week 1 presented the chance to remix the beat for the ultimate jeep anthem: “Boomin’ System”.  Not only did Marley Marl build “Boomin’ System”  off the James Brown sample “The Big Payback”, which has been flipped by everyone from Total to Massive Attack, but on that track and for the majority of Mama Said Knock You Out LP he gave LL this lane to excel in, a sound that was rugged, funky, and not too serious.  In other words, the opposite of Phenomenon and everything that followed it.

Anyway, I did not win the remix contest (though shouts to A-Town’s DJ Grain who picked me #1 on his ballot–and you’ll soon understand why).  But Khal at Rock The Dub was so geeked he asked me if he could throw that ish in his old Alpine system, sportin’ his fresh fisherman hat, clocking the girlies walkin’ by.  Check out his reaction to the track and his take on the original “Boomin’ System” at Rock The Dub.

Download “Boomin’ System (Zilla Rocca BLAST UP Remix)” | usershare

On a side note, if you can guess all the vocal samples I used in the remix, post it in the comment section and I will ship you out some promo goodies!

If you loved hip hop at any point in your life, you need to own LL Cool J’s All World greatest hits compilation.  Yes, OWN IT!  It’s worth $9-$16.   Every year when LL puts out another wack album brimming with collabos from the flavor of the month that inevitably fades 2 weeks after its release while his Def Jam bitchfest marches on for 6 months, I shudder and think back to how incredible his run was from ’86-’97.

Top 5 LL songs of all time (in no particular order):

“Boomin’ System”
“Around the Way Girl”
“Jingling Baby Remix”
“Mama Said Knock You Out”
“Loungin Remix f/ Total”

Honorable mentions:

“4,3,2,1” (not for LL’s verse mind you)
“Backseat of my Jeep”
“I Shot Ya”
“Goin Back to Cali”
“Ill Bomb”



  1. I gotta get ‘Jack the Ripper’ in there, and definitely ‘Go Cut Creator Go’. Because of orginality, I give a hon mention to ‘Milky Cereal’

    Best LL appearance on a non-LL song? EPMD – ‘Rampage’

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