Dangerous Dames: Alison Brie

I first came across Alison Brie as Trudy Campbell on Mad Men back in 2007.  Hidden underneath Jackie O blouses and box hats as an early 60’s WASPy housewife, I never picked up on her saucy girl-next-door sexiness until this year’s breakthrough comedy Community on NBC.  As Annie, the hyper over-underachiever, I’ve been forced to change my tune, specifically since the episode where she had to make out with Joel McHale to win a philosophy debate on human nature.  Man is bad, yes?

Though she’s playing  an 18 year old student on Community, Alison Brie is actually my age, so I won’t feel guilty for peeking in the cradle.  She appears to be the hot girl in Lit class who fits Ludacris’ requirements for a meaningful relationship (don’t make me quote “Yeah!”).  I second the line from Troy on last night’s episode: she gets the invitation to go Red Shoes Diaries on us anytime she feels like it.


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