A Winter Mixtape

Over at the motherland Passion of the Weiss, the Treasurer of Getting Montreal Ass, DJ Sach, whipped up a superb blend tape for these snow caked days here in Philly titled “A Winter Mixtape”.  Select tracks from Boards of Canada, Bjork, Mobb Deep, the Chi-Lites, the Grateful Dead–hell there’s even an instrumental from my Shadowboxers brudda Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones on that puppy.

My submission and write-up for the mix is Wu-Tang’s “Jah World” featuring Junior Reid.  That joint reaches its maximum potential when played under a sheet of slushy ice in the dead of a February.  Check it out!


GQ likes my Wu-Tang submission “Jah World” for Passion of the Weiss’ Winter Mixtape. Time for an afternoon scotch.

This is the coolest moment of the new decade for me! Oddly enough, I was thumbing through my old GQ’s during lunch break today to find this recipe for an ill Beer Braised Beef.


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