Cold Metal + Slow Execution = “No Resolution 2”

One day after anouncing the first date for the upcoming Twilight Spoiler Tour in LA (check the listing to your right–MANY more coming shortly), we decided to drop the lead single from the Broken Clocks EP. Sitting on this song the past 3-4 months has been painfully difficult.  But discipline is good.  Now you’ll understand why.

As always, the incomparable Objektiv One laced the ill cover.



  1. Have you guys done anything else with Elucid before? How’d you hook up with him?

  2. I got put on to him by Small Pro, Haj and this blogger in Austrailia who was pumping my mixtape and Elucid’s mixtape at the same time. Last year, Tanya Morgan came to Philly with the whole Lessondary crew for Dumhi’s album release party and my manager Dom got cool with those guys. Then we did a show together back in Oct here in Philly. He’s a cool guy and hella dope. More work with him coming up.

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