Someone Should’ve Got Pregnant: “Cop Out” Review

It’s like “Nothing to Lose”/”Money Talks” with a better soundtrack*. 

And police badges. 

And less funny.

Kevin Smith said in an interview how this movie is 80% dialogue between two guys, something his movies thrive on depending on your personal taste, and 20% action. 

On paper, this should’ve been a slam dunk.  The cameos should’ve kicked it up a notch (Kevin Pollack, Jason Lee, Fred Armisen, a scene stealing Susie Essman) and Smith goes to great lengths to keep the familiar black/white buddy cop dynamic intact.  But third banana Sean William Scott was even worse than you could’ve imagined.  He’s a one-trick pony and used exclusively as an obnoxious ten minute throw-in to spice up a car ride between Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, something I never thought a scene involving Tracy Morgan would ever need.

The plot is farfetched and the movie never pulls you in one direction fully.  Is this a homage to the 80’s cop movies or a satire on straight edged badass cop partnered with loudmouthed fool partner?  I was lost.

It is Kevin Smith’s first foray out of his comfort zone of the View Askewuniverse, and he’s smart and honest enough to improve on the next script he’ll end up directing exclusviely.  But “Cop Out” suffers the growing pains of Silent Bob sitting behind the camera.

*Rakim’s “Follow the Leader” is used to soundtrack a car chase.  Why this has taken so long to happen baffles me.  Props to Kevin Smith.

1 Stallone Clap Out of 4

1 Stallone Clap = “Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot”

2 Stallone Claps = “Demolition Man”

3 Stallone Claps = “Cop Land”

4 Stallone Claps = “Rocky”


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