Pics From The Slingluff Gallery Show 3/11/10

Live from the Slingluff Gallery.

Curly Castro.

Zilla Rocca of 5 O'Clock Shadowboxers. Art by Julian Duron.

It was actually Castro's birthday that night!

Zilla's the rapper, Fishtown's the backdrop.

"I LOVE MY 30's!!!"

"Stay Clean" live.

"Weak Stomach Remix" live.

The cool down.

Here’s my work by March’s featured artist Julian Duron

Huge thanks to Jonathan & Leigh at the Slingluff Gallery for having Curly Castro and 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers!

And be sure to grab Curly Castro & DJ Ambush’s acclaimed (re)mixtape Phatman & Likklebwoy Remix Edition for free!

Check the show dates on the right for more madness!


1 Comment

  1. I have more photos from that night!!!
    Also, this looks great. Good job boys.

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