The Twilight Spoiler Mix

Photo by Jonathan Slingluff.

I’m a big believer in putting out music that 1) I completely love and stand behind 2) is completely different from whatever dropped before it and 3) doesn’t waste your time.  I think we’ve met my own lofty standards with The Twilight Spoiler Mix.  I’ve been a mixtape freak all my life — when “High Fidelity” came out, I almost fainted during the scene where Rob and Barry discussed the careful arrangement of song placement to convey emotion, to get the heart beating, to “cool down” the listener.  My dad taught me the same formula during the days of Maxells, TDKs and later Sony CD to Cassette tapes.

Well, to have someone else take the Shadowboxer catalogue and give it the jigga-jigga treatment–Championship Vinyl ain’t got shit on me.  We tossed the idea to Son Raw pretty recently.  We were up against the gun; he was days away from getting lasik surgery and would only be able to see crouissants and Jocelyn Thibaeut jerseys for 72 hours after the procedure.  Happens all the time in Montreal.  Douglas and I scrounged together some joints, some I never even heard before, and threw it to the man in the land of universal health care.  So here we are, one week before our next proper release Broken Clocks EP, 2 weeks before we kick off The Twilight Spoiler Tour, and we’re asking for 45 minutes of your time continuously.  It’s something we’ve never done before, and honestly I’m excited for you to grab it.  It’s the perfect soundtrack for muted infomercials about cleaning products at 4am or burning a Black and Mild on the traintracks.  It is not Sad Bastard music, and there is no mention of Peter Fucking Frampton yet we’re still waiting on that contract from Top Five Records.  In the meantime…..

01. Zilla Rocca – The Contender (Menahan Street Band Edit)
02. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers – Botomfeeders ( Small Professor remix)
03. Blurry Drones – Saturday Night (EXCLUSIVE)
04. Zilla Rocca – Machine Gun (Portishead Edit)
05. Zilla Rocca – Beatle Bitch (Mono/Poly Edit)
06. Zilla Rocca – Faster Blade Freestyle (EXCLUSIVE)
07. Zilla Rocca – First Order of Business (Blurry Drones remix)
08. Zilla Rocca – Lose My Wig (prod by Zilla Rocca) (EXCLUSIVE)
09. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers – No Fury (Original Mix)
10. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers f/ Has-Lo, Elucid, Nico the Beast – No Resolution 2
11. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers – Nullafied
12. Alex Ludivico – A Round of Anger (Prod Blurry Drones)
13. Blurry Drones – Fruit Tramp (EXCLUSIVE)
14. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers – King Shit (Dilla Tribute)
15. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers f/ Nico the Beast – Dead Queens (Son Raw vs Mala blend)
16. 5’O Clock Shadowboxers – Lost! (Douglas Martin vs. Chris Martin Outro)
BONUS Zilla Rocca – Flawless Crowns Freestyle (EXCLUSIVE)

Download The Twilight Spoiler Mix:

Mediafire |  Usershare|  Divshare



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