5 O’Clock Shadowboxers — Broken Clocks EP

Artwork by Objektiv One

Artwork by Objektiv One

Artwork by Objektiv One


Well..it’s been one helluva trip making this dang EP.  We literally were down to the wire, writing and mixing and mastering this bad boy, right until the last possible minute.  And it’s another piece of music Douglas and I are incredibly proud of and have been itching to share with you for quite some time now.

Unlike other follow-ups to proper albums, the Broken Clocks EP isn’t a dumping ground for all the crap we couldn’t fit on The Slow Twilight, nor is it a butterfly net to scoop up all the odds and ends that might’ve slipped through the digital cracks since last year (that would be The Twilight Spoiler Mix by Son Raw).  Some tracks will look very familiar (“Dirt Naps” and “Bottomfeeders Small Pro Remix)” but sounds have been added, subtracted, and sequenced painfully to give the EP a cohesive feel, a tough order considering we have five, count ’em, FIVE producers of the 9 tracks compiled.

The EP is also in stark contrast to The Slow Twilight, namely for the fact that we not only remixed a bunch of songs, but the tone and feel is more open thanks to outside collaborators.  Even Douglas Martin let his stocking cap down for a minute on the original track “It’s Always 5 O’Clock Somewhere” chopping up a Fela Kuti record over a familiar break to Dilla heads worldwide.  Philly producer Nex Millen, who I’ve worked with on previous projects, got matched up with Chicago’s answer to Treach & Bootie Brown, emcee Alex Ludovico for “Eric Lindros (Broad Street Bully Remix).  Lessondary’s one-man answer to Def Jux, Elucid, brought the f*cking ruckus alongside HipNOTT Records’ resident headphone murderer Has-Lo and South Philly’s syllabic carnivore Nico the Beast on “No Resolution 2”.  Philadelphia by way of Oakland producer Egon Brainparts of the electro/hip hop/jurassic live production squad Bossasaurus came in at the zero hour with his remix to “Dead Queens” that begged for the Pharoahe Monch/Nate Dogg hook treatment via Jawnzap7 and the lovely Miss Amy.  And Curly Castro got thrown inside my vicious reworking of the live staple “Weak Stomach”.  Suddenly, “5 O’Clock Shadowboxers” wasn’t just this isolated ping pong match between two guys on separate coasts.  Everyone who contributed, from Curly Castro who christened the project with its name, to Objektiv One with the History-Channel-on-acid artwork, just wanted to do something cool because they enjoyed what Douglas and I brought forth last year.

Anyway, it’s now 12:39 am and I’ve been working on this EP since 1:30pm today to ensure its high quality.  Time for the big sleep.  And THANK YOU for giving us your time, your ears, your iPod memory space, your CDR’s, and your recommendations to others!

Stream and/or purchase the EP for $5 at the Shadowboxers Bandcamp page below


Download the EP FREE for a very limited time via usershare



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