Let Me Learn You Something: Elucid

I describe Elucid to people as the cat Def Jux should’ve signed to bolster the roster.  You always need young studs on the rise, and for one of the most remarkable indie labels in hip hop history, Elucid could’ve been Jason Heyward (or at the minimum, Billy Butler) smoking through AA ball and pounding his way onto the Opening Day roster for 2010 when the only remaining  viable Jukies were El, Ace, and Cage.  For good measure his releases have been named Police & Thieves, Smash & Grab, and Bear Traps.  
Rhyming over Bjork and Portishead before Honda sponsorships where the prize for “eccentric blog rappers”, Elucid has made his bones to a new audience as a the anvil jawed awareness emcee of NYC’s Lessondary Crew alongside Tanya Morgan, Che Grand and Spec Boogie.  Elucid’s music is hip hop catching up to the allure of dubstep, IDM, and punk rock.  Sporting an striking gruff voice akin to Method Man in Arkham Asylum and song concepts more dead prez than “Dead Presidents”, Elucid has already captured the dubstep/grime/electro crowd with his coming work in the group CapricornOne alongside Seclusiasis founder El Carnicero (home of Starkey and Dev79).  He’s the best kept siren in a room full of bullhorn hype rappers.
I asked him to contribute to “No Resolution 2” because the paranoia and grit from the original was already apparent in his projects.  Plus, I wanted a mean motherfucker with a wild voice to add some napalm to the venerable posse cut for Broken Clocks EP.  After rocking the Khyber with him last October, he’s solidified himself to the tough-as-nails Philly hip hop crowd as a forward thinking emcee who could dismantle a tank with a whisper.  It’s time for Elucid to learn you something.

1. At what point did you realize music was what you wanted to do?
Since I picked up a pen?
2. How has New York shaped your sound or molded you as a

Not sure. I haven’t lived anywhere else.
3. Who are the people you look up to and learn the most from?I’m influenced by and learn from hella different sources. My pops always told me to pay attention when old people speak. There’s usually a gem there. But fuck heroes for the most part.

4. With everything you’ve learned thus far, what do you wish you could have told yourself at the beginning? Would you have done anything differently?
I wish that I put blinders on and really followed my heart regarding who I was as an artist. Instead of emulating artists I liked at the time. Could have probably saved me alot of time. 

5.  What’s hard for you?  What do you struggle at?
Its hard to stop killing shit. Yeah, I’m on my own dick right now.  Musically, I’m just in a zone where I feel like I’m finally making the music that’s in my head and heart. Without filter.

6. Here’s a scenario: tomorrow you become the CEO of a major label. Whatare the first 3 things you would do as the boss?
ire everybody. Take the resources and establish a business model that TRULY reflected our times. Sign all the hardworking musicians I think are killing shit right now.

 7. What are some of your favorite albums?
Just on the rap tip, albums like Cuban Linx Two, Muddy Waters, and Soul On Ice never really left my headphones in high school.

8. What is inspiring your work right now?
Futurism and the Singularity.  All this post Dilla experimental beat music and late 70’s industrial/punk music.  The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple. Crazy ass Tumblr blogs for images. Follow my lead. Cobratoofnecklace.tumblr.com

9. What advice would you offer to someone getting in the business at
this time?

I’m not even really “in the business” to be giving advice but
1)Get a job.
2)Stop compromising, second guessing, and double thinking.
3)Create from your heart.

10.  Any words to live by?
Destroy. Rebuild. Transcend.


Elucid Primer

Elucid “Automatic Writing”

Dumhi f/ Elucid “No Redemption”

Elucid live in Brooklyn ’09

Check more of Elucid’s releases at his official bandcamp page


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