Alex Ludovico & Blurry Drones: Winning/Losing

 Alex Ludovico, who you heard on Nex Millen’s 80’s throwback remix of “Eric Lindros” off Broken Clocks EP, is a bull on Redbull in a china shop.   Listening to him get busy on Winning/Losing, whether it be atop Jay-Z’s “DOA” or any number of Dilla cuts from Donuts, is never dull.  I’m the first person to call MC’s out for being lazy for using Hov and Dilla as a crutch when it comes to sonic backdrops, and at times I wish Alex would’ve let loose on some more obscure records.  But Alex has some much energy and joy, it seems like he’s been waiting forever to spazz on tracks that have unfortunately been exploited by lesser talents for happy Usershare endings. 

 The juxtaposition between his style and Douglas Martins’ textured and careful bumps-in-the-night is pretty dang impressive.  Being as though Douglas Martin aka Blurry Drones is the Tim Burton to my Johnny Deep, it’s no shock that I’ve had this joint on repeat for over a month (unlike, say, Alice in Wonderland).  The sequencing is deft.  Outside of yours truly on “Liquid Swords Freestyle”, there are no guests. Alex unloads Chi-town drumroll flow massacres next to thoughtful and sometimes disturbing stories that need the rewind treatment to fully piece together.  My personal favorite, and I’m clearly biased, is “Weaker Stomach”.  His distorted and hectic flow reminds me of Andre 3000 on “Da Art of Storytellin’ Pt. 2” but the real treat is where he takes the phrase “Weak Stomach”.  Honestly, I’m not smart enough to see the obvious correlation in potential concepts–my first instinct when receiving the beat titled “Weak Stomach” was Rolaids/Tums/Pepto Bismol.  Alex’s urgency and twisted spin on the Shadowboxers cut is a mark of matured songwriting and one-upsmanship that used to be so prevelant in hip hop.  I’m proud to be schooled by a young bol in the land tall blonde Polish chicks and saccharine 7th inning stretches.

Do yourself a favor and check out Alex Ludovico & Blurry Drone’s Winning/Losing over at Bandcamp.


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