He Stays Dipped Like Sour Cream

I haven’t written a Beat Generation column at The Passion of the Weiss since Kathryn Bigelow was known strictly as the director of Point Break.  To be frank, there wasn’t much to get excited about that Team Passion wasn’t already nailing down on a weekly basis. 

Enter Marcberg, the debut album from Roc Marciano, currently every emcee’s favorite emcee.  I’ve had entiretext message convos with other rappers where we only quote Roc Marci lyrics.  That’s the mark of an artist who is setting the world on fire: when other craftsmen in the same field are reduced to fan boys again.  This must be how Tarantino and company felt when they watched There Will Be Blood for the first time.  I couldn’t go another week banging this album in the whip and cackling like a crackhead who found a shopping cart full of tube socks without writing something.

Head over to Passion of Weiss to read my piece on Roc Marciano’s Marcberg.

PS the more I listen to this album, the more it reminds me of LA the Darkman’s Heist of the Century.  Forgot to mention that in the piece.



  1. Other than yourself and a handful of other cats I don’t fuck with much contemporary hip hop anymore, but this album has gotten some serious play the past few weeks. I still find myself laughing out loud at some of Roc’s quotables. Really enjoyed your write-up, Zilla.

    (I would have left the comment over at PoTW but evidently I’m blocked from the comments… blimey.)

  2. Ben!

    Thanks bro! Yeah his album is just banging. I was nervous when word spread a month or 2 ago cause he’s been kinda dormant.

    How’s life in RI? Still got gritty ass beats in the stash?

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