Minimize Your Exposure

“The only thing worse than writing is not writing”–Richard Price

It’s a different world out there.

I apologize for the severe lack of activity here at the blog.  Some contributing factors to the cobwebs collecting in the chimney:

-Many of my favorite blogs are no longer around.   It’s hard to want to contribute to the daily online dialogue when your heroes and homies have closed up shop.  Much respect to my buddies at The Passion of the Weiss, Bloggerhouse, Straight Bangin, and a select few others — I’d be lost like Snoop Dogg during his No Limit run if those guys weren’t banging out hits like Rod Carew. 

-Twitter has changed our lives– fully formed ideas are rarely marinated anymore, instead just coughed up instantly like Pez candy in tiny tablets.  I’m guilty of this myself.   Plus, this site has never had a ton of comments, so it’s fun to exchange in instant dialogue with folks new and old with the stroke of an “@” about LeBron, comic books, new records, and other minutiae.

-I’ve started and ended some important relationships.  It’s hard to write about Breaking Bad and buying used CD’s on here when plates are shifting and quaking all around you. 

-Pushing myself out of hip hop comfort zone, I’m collaborating now with cats in dubstep, drum n’ bass, live funk and whatever else passes the dutchie pon the left hand side.  It’s taxing to say the least.  I take extreme care when writing lyrics, and going from 90bpm to 179bpm in a different genre all together splits my skull at times.  The challenge is amazing though — I think you will all be intrigued and hopefully enjoy the output whenever these records drop.  I’ve always treated listeners like my favorite writers, artists, and directors have treated me: with respect to my intelligence and a trust that no matter how weird or layered things appear at first glance, there is always a payoff coming.  I’ve played it straight for too long.  It’s time to stir things up.

-I’ve discovered Tumblr.  In case you haven’t glanced at it, the Shadowboxers Tumblr page is my new toy.  I’ve always been into imagery, from comic books to Matthew Barney mindfucks, and sometimes it’s easier to channel my daily impulses via through a still of the Sandman.  Also, like Twitter, Tumblr is a new toy that I haven’t burned out yet like that year my parents got me a Talkboy for Christmas, but it’ll run its course eventually.  That’s what all this stuff is: new collectables for our online desires.  Myspace, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp.  We are hooked at first, then a newer version comes along with an adjustable kung fu grip and we leave the old toys behind.  Isn’t it weird when you get random inbox reminders from MySpace?  Tha Kid Yung $antana has posted a comment on your wall.  It’s like a reminder to get a VHS head cleaner. Who gives a good goddman?

So why go through all of this?  Well, the truth is I value every single person who visits Clap Cowards every day, whether you came aboard after my Beat Generation columns at Passion of the Weiss or you searched “Eva Mendas Ass” and bookmarked me by accident (you wouldn’t believe how generous my review of The Spirit has been to the hit count of this site via Google searches from horny boys).  I know what’s it like to keep visiting a blog that doesn’t update itself at least 2-3 times a week…what GIVES man?  I don’t want to give the impression that my blog is becoming an abandoned mini-mall like so many others.  I have to figure out what is worth writing about now because frankly there’s too many outlets with people writing and sharing things much better than I can.  I’m open to any suggestions in the comment box.  It’s fun to riff on the awesomeness of Raekwon or the glory that was NHL ’96 for Sega Genesis and I hope to get the bug to bang out more posts like that, because that’s what this blog was all about — writing about whatever the hell tickled my conciousness.  So maybe this will morph into something brand new when all the social networking/arthouse apps clear out and we’re back to the business of wiping out print media again.

Either way, I applaud you as always for giving me your time.  Here’s my thanks to you because yesterday I realized line for line, bar for bar, style upon style, this is the greatest rap posse cut of all time in terms of being an actual “song”, not remix nor “breakout moment for Rapper X”:



  1. I enjoy reading your stuff. That Roc Marc review (I think you did that) over at passionweiss was dope. I’ve been trying to mess with TUMBLR, but I can’t quite get the site to do what I want it to. Danny Brown has a dope TUMBLR page BTW.

  2. I realize this wasn’t at all the point of the post but whenever you do get around to writing more, I am going to demand a full breakdown of your thought process in picking Crooklyn Dodgers over Scenario as the G.O.A.T.

  3. HL:
    I appreciate that. You need to see Elucid’s Tumblr page, CobraToofNecklace

    “Crooklyn” wasn’t an “anthem”, just a banging ass soon made by four cats who were in their bag at that time. Each MC brings a totally different flavor while staying on topic, and Q-Tip’s beat is unreal. “Scenario” is the greatest “posse cut” posse cut of all time (if you get what I mean). “Crooklyn” is the greatest cut by a posse/all-star lineup ever because it wasn’t designed to be anything more than a one-off for a forgotten Spike Lee movie and the result was staggering. “Scenario” was a vehicle for LONS purposely cooked up by Q-Tip to get them shine.

  4. I don’t know man. Crooklyn Dodgers one and two are among the greatest songs ever. But Scenerio is better on pretty much every level IMO. You ever seen Q-Tip do that one live? I mean, even without Busta, Phife etc. The crowd goes bonkers.

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