Around the World in a Day

Today I’m formally announcing that I’ve joined World Around Records.  I feel like apprentice Kanye West in the “Through the Wire” video when he was being knighted by Sir Damon Dash of Kimsborough live on stage declaring his allegiance to the Roc-a-Fella monolithic empire that once reached the Balkan peninsula (now controlled by Amalgam Digital). 

I’ve been a disciple of Justin Boland’s Audible Hype blog for several months now and lucked out by discovering he and his partner, Dr. Quandry, not only house several strange and eclectic hip hop groups from around the globe, but they make no bones about what they are: a hybrid label of sorts where music is priority, artwork is valued, and new ideas and radical notions of releasing hip hop music in this decade are welcomed. 

I’ve been putting out records since 2006 and these are the first guys to share my train of thought about how to promote, appease diehard and casual listeners, carve out a niche in a depressingly saturated market, and how to present it all in a fashion that’s exciting.  It’s quite a thrill to speak the same language, albeit with a guy who has released music under the alias Humpasarus Jones, but then again I’ve recorded an unreleased EP under the guise El Mingo Johnsson, so we’re one in the same.

The first project we’re going to release is a joint EP of sorts called The Weak Stomach EP.  The original “Weak Stomach” off the Shadowboxers’ The Slow Twilight LP was always a personal favorite of mine, and I’d always get a great response when performing it live or playing it on computer speakers for people.  Then, I hooked up a remix for the Broken Clocks EP featuring my a-alike Curly Castro, a song that now usually closes out our live sets.  In the midst of all this, Blurry Drones and Alex Ludovico did a cover for their Winning/Losing release titled “Weaker Stomach” that made me want to kick myself for not incorporating the story Alex supplied when I wrote the original sometime in ’08.   I immediately hated him for it but realized the best revenge was to incorporate the damn thing into this release.

The Weak Stomach EP will also have a brand new posse cut from all three of us emcees called “We Got Fangs This Year”, with lyrics referencing Christna Hendricks (my next ex-wife), Hoop Dreams, Desperado, Breaking Bad, Linda Fiorentino, The Hold Steady, Bram Stoker, and more.  It’s some hip hop shit.  Small Pro is laboring on the remix now while he moves into Schooly D’s old crib and Egon Brainparts of “Dead Queens 2” fame will construct a vastly different flip of “Weak Stomach” with vintage keyboards and mariachi records stuffed behind his washer/dryer.

I’ll also be releasing my long awaited solo project Fall Back Friday, last mentioned in ’08 on the Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca mixtape.  The album has been finished, oh say, a good 29 times since 2007, but you can’t rush perfection, and Degree is really PH balanced for women.  Thus far, it’s sounding like a lost case file from the Shadowboxer detective agency — similar paperwork but the in-ceiling Bose speakers are playing dub and Spanish pop and Just Blaze-esque bangers produced by myself and a gang of homies, new and old.

Anyway, it’s been a transitional year and I’m jumping like a Mexican termite with all this great music on the way to you and yours.  Thanks for sticking it out with me.  Here’s a treat from Mexicans with Guns aka the Best Music Video of 2010:



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