“Come Together (Zilla Rocca Remix)”

Maybe a year or two ago, I made my dad an interesting gift for Father’s Day: a remix version of Joe Cocker’s cover of “Come Together” by the Beatles from the film Across the Universe.

My dad’s a major influence on me, not only as aperson but as an artist and musician.  He taught me how to make mixtapes — when Rob broke down the proper arrangement of music when composing a mixtape in High Fidelity, I remember my father saying almost the same thing.  Start hot, ease into the mellow joints, end with a bang.  I even discovered a mix CD my dad made for me last year on my birthday.  Cuts from Kanye West were right there next to Beck and Buddy Holly and John Lennon and even Akon (c’mon dad….).  He’s a sucker for anything catchy; he’s had the hook to Wu-Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M.” in his conciousness for 15 years.

So I figured what the hell — might as well make this song public after all this time.  And he always wondered why I hadn’t rode this highly illegal track to fame and fortune.


Come Together (Zilla Rocca Remix) by Joe Cocker

If you like it, below is the original version of Joe Cocker’s “Come Together” from Across the Universe, an outstanding movie and soundtrack you need to own.


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