Mally & The Sundance Kid “Lights Off”

Man, I can’t believe it’s been since three years since Mally first mailed me his CD The Letter, complete with a personal handwritten thank you note.  He’s come a long way since the days of rhyming over Dilla instrumentals on less than desirable microphones.  It’s been a treat listening to him develop, make mistakes and tighten up his chamber with each passing song, project, and year of growth.

Aside from collaborating together on Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca and the remixed version of the mixtape via (plug plug both available to your left plug plug plug), Mally and I have kicked it as much as we can considering he’s neighbors with Joe Mauer, Rhymesayers, and the black hole that is the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Unlike blog/boutique rappers, Mally doesn’t toss out MP3’s like hot hand grenades on a weekly basis.  So when a song like “Lights Off” lands in my inbox, I’m not trigger happy with the “Report as Spam” button on my gmail account.

“Lights Off” sounds like the perfect opener or closer for a live set.  The organ chords and plodding kick drums from The Sundance Kid provide enough space for Mally to unload hell.  He’s moved away from the Budden-esque flows and emotional meanderings found on past projects like The Passion because sometimes a beat just needs to be bludgeoned without extra dressing.

Download “Lights off” by Mally complete with artwork and credits here

Here’s a Let Me Learn You Something segment I did with Mally back in ’08 if you’d like to get more familiar


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