Starkey Live Tonight @ Fluid

It’s really strange when one of your friends becomes semi-famous from their craft.  The good thing is that you get a front row seat as they walk up the ladder of succes.  Sometimes they climb it escalator-style.  Sometimes they toil for years until some contact or lucky break comes through and gets them the well-deserved opportunity.  Either way, unless they become a total asshole, you end up rooting for them, following them like a minor league prospect you took a shine to from some inconspicuous home run they hit in Triple A San Bernadino or a tough triple they legged out during a meaningless game and now they’re on the big club, getting pinch hits, wearing jersey number 67, hanging around until one of the regulars go down and they get their SHOT. 

Starkey is one of grime/dubstep’s fiercest talents.  I’ve watched him shed skins from singer/songwriter in a full-formed indie band (The Can Am Connection) to the impressario behind a trip hop/electronic/ambient group (Aunt Jessica) to the renegade beatmaker in my old group Crooked Soul to working and touring with today’s finest left field knob twiddlers via his outstanding work with Planet Mu Records.  Through it all, he’s been the same guy: devoted husband, Crystal Lite enthusiast, defender of Tim Burton’s Batman as the greatest film of all time.  And now he’s on the big club.  And as a friend and fan from afar, checking his appearances and following his progress and success like a little known fourth outfielder who turns into an All-Star, I couldn’t be more proud of him because he’s put in WORK.  For years.  And his music has always blown me away.  And I never hang out with or endorse folks who bust out ho-hum sounds for a second — like Common said, “some wack dudes be cool, with them I stay cordial” but that’s about it.

Tonight Starkey is playing Fluid with his label/crew Seclusiasis for their monthly Who Run It? event.

Here’s my favorite cut “Numb” featuring UK’s P Money off Starkey’s new album Ear Drums and Black Holes:

Here’s the single for “Stars” featuring Anneka

Check out Starkey’s catalogue and latest release Ear Drums and Black Holes at Planet Mu Records

See you guys tonight!



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