Curly Castro “West Indian Rum” produced by Margel Overton of Sela

Heeeeeere we go….

The Jim Rhodes to my Tony Starks, Curly Castro today brings you his first unadulterated single “West Indian Rum”, a spalshy reggae anthem dedicated to women, sticky icky, and brown bottles of liquor.  Castro will be debuting this track live on Friday Sept. 24th at the Hidden House in Phoenix.  Produced by Margel Overton of the Philly hip hop outfit Sela, “West Indian Rum” is the latest cut Castro has recorded for his coming projects which also include production from Blueprint, Georgie Ann Muldrow, Small Professor, yours truly and many more.  He talks that blade while you spit that knife.

Download: “West Indian Rum” by Curly Castro (prod by Margel Overton of Sela)

Artwork by Jawnzap7


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