Curly Castro & Zilla Rocca’s Str8 Westcoastin’ Mix

Artwork by Adam LaMonaca

Instead of just shooting out to Phoenix and Los Angeles this week and bombarding you with needless Tweets, Facebook pics, and food poisoning from Carl’s Jr as updates, myself and Castro decided the best look for everyone would be free music, specifically our favorite hip hop songs from the land of weather, women, and weed (not so much the Arizona Diamondbacks, traffic, John McCain, astronomical gas prices, and $9 grape spritzers at juice bars in West Hollywood).

Plus, incorporating 1995’s Devil in a Blue Dress into the cover art is apt — Don Cheadle had his breakout role as Mouse, a gold toothed goon who could kill a man with an ashtray , and Denzel did Walter Mosely proud as the well known LA private eye Easy Rawlins. I’m pretty sure it was the last time Tom Sizemore had all of his teeth too.

You can stream and DL the mix over at Mixcloud


You can download the mix as one long MP3 complete with 2 bonus MP3’s: Curly Castro’s new backside smackin’ single “West Indian Rum” (prod. by Margel Overton of Sela) along with “It’s Always 5 O’Clock Somewhere” by 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers off the Broken Clocks EP


1.  Zilla Rocca’s Hellafied Intro
2.  “Mix Tapes” The Nonce
3.  “Exploits and Glitches” Noncando
4.  “Critical (Madlib Remix)” Zion I f/ Planet Asia
5.  “Killin’ It” Tha Alkaholiks f/ Xzibit
6.  “Made N*****” 2pac f/ Outlawz
7.  “Ditty” Paperboy
8.  “Doggy Dogg World” Snoop Doggy Dogg f/ The Dogg Pound
9.  Curly Castro’s Brooklyn Dodger Lament
10.  “Still Cruisin'” Eazy E f/ The Game
11.  “Place of Birth” Planet Asia
12.  “Mr. Dobalina” Del Thee Funkee Homosapien
13.  “Tell Me When To Go” E-40 f/ Keak Da Sneak
14.  “She Swallowed It” N.W.A.
15.  “Soul On Ice (Diamond D Remix)” Ras Kass
16.  “Otha Fish” Pharcyde



  1. Dope mix. No Casual though?!?

    I vote “You Flunked” over “Mr Dobalina”.

    • HL:
      Castro and I LOVE Casual. Next time we head out west, he’ll be on that corresponding mix for sure. Thanks for checking it out.

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