Creamy Spies on Barksdale Corners

This year I’ve spent an unregrettable amount of time obsessing, studying, and devouring all that is Shabazz Palaces.  And I’ve done the good deed by getting some of my homies hooked like Harlem Blue Magic to the Seattle smoke charlatans cooked up from the ashes of Digable Planets, The Killer of Sheep, and one filthy 808 drum machine that most likely has water damage and angel dust caked into the pads.

Before we left for the west coast, I saw a very sharp combo deal offered by Seattle’s I Want You magazine: pay $5 shipping for an issue of the art mag and get a seven inch vinyl single of a new Shabazz track “Barksdale Corners”.  Offering deals like this is a cunning way not only to stoke the fires of intrigue and breathless suspense that is the ongoing discography of Shabazz Palaces, it also plunges them further into their own world where the rules of Internet Marketing for Artists are blurred, forgotten, or ignored outright.  Plus, looking at weird ass collages while listening to Ish and the gang is as American as herringbone chains and cocoa butter backhands.

 You can download the MP3 of “Barksdale Corners”, a track Small Professor described as sounding “sexy as hell”, over at Gorilla Vs Bear

Here’s what you can expect to see come in the mail when you purchase I Want You mag + Shabazz 7 inch for five clams (courtesy of my iPhone):

Shabazz Palaces “Bellhaven Meridian”


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