Curly Castro Freestyles Better Than You and I

There’s certain beats that pull forth from emcees truly electric off the head takedowns.  My personal super serum is The Lox’s “Recognize” — perfect tempo for rhyming and thinking one bar ahead, classic Premier drums to get the blood moving, and a simple 2 bar piano chop that is understated and dastardly all the same.

Debruit’s “Nigeria What” does not fall into the category of “I’m Going In On This Beat!” yet Curly Castro treated it like it was “Who Shot Ya?” all the same while we cruising aimlessly through Los Angeles after copping some fresh wears and records on Fairfax.  Spitting something like 60 bars off the head to a track like this is quite difficult.  Castro made it seem pedestrian, like he was telling a story.  This is why I’m comfortable letting him borrow my copy of The Salton Sea on DVD.

Props to Jeff Weiss’ iPod for the inspiration.


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