Performing Live Tonight at the Slingluff Gallery

Flyer by Adam LaMonaca

Well folks, the time has come.  Our first show in Philly since July, our first show for the monthly Double Entendre at Slingluff Gallery.

Here’s an idea of who and what to expect:

Robin Gazzara performing “Breathe” live at the Grape Room:

“Between Shadow & Subtance” by Robin Gazzara (MP3)

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers featuring Curly Castro performing “Weak Stomach Remix” live at the Downtown Independent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers “High Noon” video

Your host Curly Castro freestyling over Debruit’s “Nigeria What” while skating through Los Angeles traffic:

Curly Castro’s new single “West Indian Rum”

Artwork from Joe Castro’s collection “Automatic Amnesia”, the featured artist at Slingluff Gallery



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