Open and Shut Case

Here’s a quick filet I flipped over from The Twilight Spoiler Mix we dropped earlier this year to get you ready for this Saturday’s Double Entendre at Slingluff gallery: a freestyle over Raekwon’s “Flawless Crowns”, an overseas vinyl-only release that predated Cuban Linx 2. 

More jewelz for Saturday’s show coming the rest of the week….

(Somebody’s always giving me guns) it makes me walk crooked
The cell phone storefront that keeps the books moving
Hustler activist like Larry Flynt
Paralyze the king, can’t feel the pussy even though it’s gorgeous
Mami got the cucumber bun, cool when I peel it
Sticks out like the Utah Utes in Patrick Ewings
Philly carnivale, barging through the dustbowls
A crisis of faith is what you’re facing when I clutch throats
Careful mosaic how I say it
I’m Robert Johnson plucking strings to grab the devil when I play it
Hellhound Bound, like Gina Gersh
You’ll be the first to get merked via social network
I’ll get AT you, fallen Friday, status update
Detectives can’t complain, called an open and shut case
The twilights has passed, but the spoils just begun
And we’ve moved crowds like Saudis move oil drums

Swing from blue chandeliers
Ashtrays overflow, detective notes, haven’t had a laugh in years
Thick stubble my beard, mad scruffy though
Spazz out like Biggie on the song about the hundred notes
It’s cold now I never wore a puffy coat
Not a joke man this rap shit will wear you out
You’ll see me on the road like Jack Kero
Dusty leather jacket in my Mad Max apparell
With hands like the Green Arrow, pulling the bow
And unload a beautiful song murderous quotes
Sing like the snow bird, peace to Kuf, no curse
We pulling the mast, hands is rope burned
I’m dumbfounded off of white wine
And chloroform smells better in the night time
White goggles meet the skyline
It’s like liquor to the liver when I rhyme, when I rhyme, when I rhyme yeah

I am the autumn wind, grab you and never flinch
It’s Rabbit Season for anxious rappers with rapid breathing
Film scripts like David Finch, get the pic
That’s Seven deadly sins for the Zodiac to creep with it
Tagging victims in Vallejo, move when I say so
I mix the powder shit with the egg yoke
That’s a strong body science would co-sign
Admirers started tracking my mileage in ‘09
It’s been bumpy, it’s been slick, it’s been muddy
I would’ve been picked you off but I’ve been rusty
You think today is a bad day, trying skipping one
You think your town is a maze, I live in one
Redrum comes, running outta lotto scratch
Fans squeezed the faucet,  you’ve never gonna splash
Step inside my office, mad bottlecaps
Only people caking is indie rock and gospel rap


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