This Month’s (Updated) Guests at Double Entendre

Design by Adam LaMonaca

We were so excited to have our good friend Kuf Knotz kick off the second installment of Double Entendre that we totally forgot what Forest Gump realized during his Running Phase: shit happens.  Sometimes.

Unfortunately, Kuf will not be able to have a go at it on Saturday as he is recovering from surgery but he assured he will be ready for his debut at Slingluff Gallery in 2011.  We lucked out and hit up Jawnzap7, he of “Dead Queens 2” fame, and one of the hardest working emcee/producer/performer/songwriters in Philadelphia, to step in like Roy Hobbs in the bottom of the ninth to knock it off the stadium lights as we run the bases drenched in sparks and eternal glory.  After wrapping up his long-awaited second LP I Hate My Stupid Rap Life, he obliged.


Here’s some of Jawnzap7’s best works before you meet him on Saturday night at 8pm!

“Pens4Paper” live

Live at the Turntable Club in Baltimore

And here’s some choice works from Mike Maxwell whose collection “Minor Superior” is featured this month at Slingluff Gallery:



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