Freddie Gibbs Bodies My Favorite Janet Jackson Record From 1993

I mean…this is one of the 10 hip hop moments of the year when I get goosebumps and run around the International Dart Parlour like a grifter who pulled his first wallet on the Westbound El.

Freddie Gibbs > almost every new rapper of the past 5 years



  1. According to my little brother, I battled a young Gibbs in the barbershop in the G.
    He handed me my ass.
    I don’t remember it.
    But my little brother swears he dissed him as well.
    I have what you may refer to as selective memory.

  2. This is so fresh. I’m also running around the International Dart Parlour.

  3. now if gibbs only liked to get down on joints like I make…dude can rap his ass of, but I really am ready for him to diversify his beat selection a bit. When he does I fully join the parlor geek out fest.

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