Big Stupid Revenge: Jawnzap7 & Zilla Rocca Beat Clash Mixed by Nex Millen



Zilla Rocca

                                                                    mixed by

Nex Millen

Here’s a fresh podcast the homie Nex Millen, who remixed “Eric Lindros” on Broken Clocks EP and did all the cuts on  Bring Me the Head of Zilla Rocca, just put together mixing beats from my beat tape Big Stupid Bangers along with the homie Jawnzap7’s beat tape Tesla’s Revenge.

This joint henceforth shall be known as Big Stupid Revenge

Zap did the hook on “Dead Queens 2” off Broken Clocks as well as filling in at last month’s Double Entendre.  Like me, he pens darts and and crafts rhythmic jam downs in the lab with equal amounts of precision and “I’m going to do whatever the eff I want right not”-ness.  His beats are chaotic boom bap with epic moments of jilted Ong Bak head cracks. 

Nex Millen has been one of Philly’s best triple threats (DJ/producer/MC) since number 7 on the Eagles was originally Bobby Hoying.  Originally a member of Nuthouse with Dave Ghetto and Fel Sweetenberg, Nex has rocked monthly parties (like the Zodiac Party) behind the table and on the mic effortlessly.  His work with Camden MC Poesh Wonder always reminded me “Double Trouble” by The Roots and Mos Def off Things Fall Apart.  Naturally, Nex just went to work on the two beat tapes from Zap and I with no communication or heads up.  That’s just what Nex does–he goes to work….like an architecht (c) Kool Moe Dee/George Costanza

Stream and download here

Here’s the tracklisting:

1.  “Snake Charmer”–Jawnzap7
2.  “Roy Halladay”–Zilla Rocca
3.  “Blade of the Samurai”–Jawnzap7
4.  “Fresh to Death”–Zilla Rocca
5.  “Harry Houdini”–Jawnzap7
6.  “King Kong”–Zilla Rocca
7.  “The Bad Guys Wear White”–Jawnzap7
8.  “Song for my Father”–Zilla Rocca
9.  “Booo!”–Jawnzap7
10.  “A&Rz”–Zilla Rocca
11.  “Shatterproof”–Jawnzap7
12.  “Main Street Money”–Zilla Rocca
13.  “Evaporation”–Jawnzap7
14.  “Boomerang”–Zilla Rocca
15.  “Force Lightning”–Jawnzap7
16.  “Wild and Crazy Kids”–Zilla Rocca
17.  “Fucking Thing Sucks”–Jawnzap7
18.  “Crown Vic”–Zilla Rocca


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